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2012 Hermann

This is how the Chicks get their Kicks!


11 chick rode 38 miles.
These are the final seven that made all 76 miles - feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

"I just wanted to thank you all for making the ride and visit to Hermann a lot of fun. It was great meeting new friends and getting to know others a little better. My goal is to work on my stamina for next year's ride… " 
~ Pam

1st Annual Big Ride
October 3 & 4, 2012
76 miles - 15 Participants


We met in Augusta at 7:30am - greeted with light rain on our departure. We sadly had two last minute cancellations. Giving us a total of 11 for our ride. Everyone riding received a Pink hand embroidered bandana compliments of my Mom. With our new accessory we hit the trail shortly after 8 and rode 8 miles to Dutzow for a Delicious Hot Breakfast, fueling our bodies for the long journey ahead. This is where our Biker Chick Security, composed of my husband, Mark and Kathy's husband Marty took the reigns and went to work installing bells on all our bikes parked outside. When we made our way to our bikes all the girls were first surprised to see our bikes were covered with tarps and saved from the soaking rain. Secondly, everyone was thrilled to discovered a cute little pink bell was installed on every bike. These bell were generously donated by our wonderful sponsor, Granada Cyclery. Sporting a custom label " Biker Chicks powered by Granada" Now with our new Biker Chick bandanas, pink bells and belly's full, we were ready for the daunting 30 miles ahead. 


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