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2013 Jefferson City

Face of Success!


2nd Annual Big Ride
Sept 14 & 15, 2013
92 miles - 19 Participants


And we're off... We met in McKittrick at 9am everyone was pumped and ready to hit the trail. Could not have had a better day - sunny and in the 70's. We got our group pictures and were off by 9:40 to our first stop 10 miles to Blufton. 

Where is Blufton...? Our goal is Blufton - Ten miles is about an hour ... we rode... and rode.... and rode and.... no Blufton. Is my mileage wrong, did the town fall of the grid. Where is our stop? 

No sooner had I said to a fellow chick how empty the trail was when we passed a huge group of hikers walking the trail in groups of 30-50. They were singing and chanting, some carrying flags and even religious statues. We discovered later their group numbered over 1000 on a 3 day pilgrimage from Jeff City. When we passed them they had already walked at least 35 miles. It was amazing to witness and pass on the trail. I must have asked every group "Where is Blufton?" No one knew. 

After nearly 1.5 hours of solid riding we came into Portland to enjoy our first break. That was a hard, long, first leg of our journey. Blufton escaped both security and us chicks. We rode right by it. Talk about a small town.


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