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2015 Clinton

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Theresa & Lesia
The only 2 Riders to complete ALL 4 YEARS on the BIG RIDE 

Theresa, Lesia, Dan & Vicky
The only 4 Riders to complete ALL 264 Miles of the Katy Trail.


My Boys & their GirlsThe first time to have my 2 sons and their spouses participate in the BIG RIDE! A treat for me!

As quoted by Christopher...
"Mom what is it about the chicks that they just tip over?"

I was cracking up because this has been an on-going occurance over the years. 

4th Annual
Sept 19 & 20, 2015
85 miles ... and our 100th RIDE
40 Participants


DAY 1...and we're off...
We had a record 40 participants, 32 riders and 8 on security. Best attendance to date to round out our last year on the Katy. We met in Sedalia at 9:45am everyone was pumped and ready to hit the trail. Predictions of 78 and sunny ALL weekend. We were blessed. Lot of last minute things to do and we needed time for my 4 pages of announcements. Everyone really looks forward to that. Especially my son, Christopher who thinks I talk too much and write too much. I even had to call him out to pay attention. (Kids they never change LOL) So this was it the last 37 miles of the Katy Trail, a four year journey to accomplish riding every last mile. It was also my 100th planned ride with the Chicks. How cool is that!!! 

What happened to my schedule?
So if anyone has been on a chick ride you know I am all about the schedule and spend countless hours estimating time and miles. I like to boast of being pretty accurate. Well right of the bat, I was off on my well thought-out predictions. Scheduled 9 miles to our first stop and 12 miles later we arrived in Greens Ridge. How could I be that far off. Come to find out there are 2 trailheads in Sedalia and we started 3 more miles farther out. I like to think of it as bonus bragging miles. Everyone else might not feel like that. 


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