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How it Works...


I pick a bike trail or section of the Katy Trail and we generally ride between 14-20 miles round trip. We usually have a wonderful eating destination. It can be any day of the week based on weather predictions.  In the summer I like to pick a day and have a ride every week on that day. Usually Terrific Tuesdays, Wonderful Wednesdays or Fabulous Fridays.  The entire ride from door to door is about 3 hours. Everyone rides at their own pace and generally you will find someone to ride with that is your speed. We may be spread out over 2 miles but we have time to talk and share once we make the breakfast/lunch destination. Just recently I instituted a new rule and we only wait 10 minutes at the trail head for anyone running late. We take off at that point and you are on your own to catch up. We try to stay on schedule because people have other daily obligations.

How it Began...


I have to blame this crazy riding phenomena on my two neighbors, pictured to the left. I like to think of us as the "Chick Founders." I had been walking in my neighborhood every morning for 13 years with my neighbor, Donna. She has persistently pushed me to go for a bike ride on the Katy Trail in an effort to change up our exercise routine. I continually refused. This was because of a bad boy scouting experience, years earlier, when I ended up riding 40 miles on the Katy trail on a bad bike with a bad seat and bad memories of misery.  I finally gave in and agreed to try it once and get them off my back. Well they did everything right to make first experience riding fabulous. We had the perfect fall day, I rented the perfect bike, a cruiser style bike. We only went 3 miles down the trail, about 30 minutes, and then came back. So wha-lah! It was actually pretty fun. My bottom actually did not throb in pain, maybe I would like this after all. It is all history from there. Things just started expanding. My mind started churning and I was enticed by the idea of planning rides with lunch at different wineries on the trail. I was excited at the prospect of seeing my other girlfriends on a more regular basis if they were interested in joining. This could actually be a fun - a social way to get exercise, enjoy a beautiful and day outside and see my girlfriends. I was hooked. The rest is history. 

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