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Meet Theresa


I am a wife, mother and now grandma of four, two girls and two boys. I have owned a web development & graphic design business for over 20 years. In addition to loving on my four grand babies and my husband my two passions have always been daily exercise and time with friends. The Biker Chicks accomplishes both for me. It fuels my soul to connect with my girlfriends and makes me feel good to move. It has been a wonderful journey with countless blessings.

Celebrating 100 Rides!!

Our 1st 4 years of riding.

This is the BEST Video to FIND OUT WHAT WE ARE ABOUT....

2021 Celebrating 2,000 mile & 100 rides in


4th Annual

100 Miles


Making a positive difference in peoples lives pedal stroke at a time!!

About our Group


I started the Biker Chicks first organized ride in Spring of 2012. I have planned 1-2 ride per week since then during riding season. We ride all year long if the temperature is above 50 and sunny. In 2019 I started adding a hike or walk weekly during the winter.  In the beginning I had 7 girls on my distribution list. We have grown to nearly 200 bikers. Every Fall we have our annual Big Ride. This is an overnight 2 day ride. Attendance for this has grown each year; now having over 50 plus participants.

My original goal when the group was formed was to ride all 264 miles of the Katy Trail. We accomplished that goal in 2015 after 4 years of riding one section per year on our annual Big Ride. Going forward I want to keep riding exciting and interesting for our riders by finding new rides paired with different venue experiences.

Our Mission


The Katy Trail Biker Chicks is a riding group for women, men, amateur and experienced riders who want to experience  sharing the sport of cycling while making new friends, connecting with old ones while discovering new places to ride in a fun, healthy and exciting way.

Our Motto

"No Chick Left Behind"

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