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2016 Arkansas Razorback Trail

After 4 years of gravel it was time for 80 miles of pavement


Drove 5 hours to Bentonville to do it. Beautiful newly opened Razorback Trail from Bentonville to Fayetteville

"Mark and I would like to Thank everyone for sharing in this journey. Without all of you it would not be this amazing experience. We are blessed with amazing people in our lives. Thanks for trusting me and taking the leap of faith on these crazy rides I plan."

5th Annual Big Ride
Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2016
80 Miles - 26 Participants


FRIDAY - Drive 5 hours to Bentonville Arkansas and check into hotel. Hotel Happy Hour 5-7, Dinner in town only a few miles away.

SATURDAY - Drive our cars to trailhead only 7 miles away. Ride 40 miles on the newly opened Razorback Trail 40 miles to Bentonville. We will take breaks about every 10 miles and have lunch at a restaurant on the trail. We will arrive by 4pm at our hotel in Fayetteville to soak our aching muscels poolside and enjoy happy hour. Get cleaned up and walk across the street to Foghorn's ( famous for wings, burgers and beer - sounds like our kind of place with outside patio) Get a well earned night's sleep.

SUNDAY - Enjoy a hot breakfast buffet and get back on our bikes to ride 40 miles to back to our cars in Bentonville arriving by 3pm. Home by 8ish and feeling pretty proud of what we acomplished.


BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! What a surprise! Everyone went in on this "BEST PRESENT EVER" I now have my own Biker Chick personalized wardrobe changing bag for after our rides. How do they do it? Last year I got the wonderful framed and signed group picture and now this. I'm gonna keep planning if I keep getting these awesome presents. I will use the dickens out of this and already have. My new favorite accessory. Thanks so much everyone. You're all awesome

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